Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Warehouse Sale

For the first time ever, i think...there has never been a warehouse sale in Kedah and this is the first time it was being held.
ok, i saw this banner along the street when i am on my way to go to work..the past last week first i was like, hah?metrojaya warehouse sale?is this true...mcm tak pecaya plak.
my colleagues and i were talking about this event for the whole week and we are quite excited because the place they had this sale is near our office. i mean very near, only a walk distance.


today is the day.
we are so excited and can't wait to go and find out what are the things that we can shop.
another reason is, the salary is already in..memang timing pon sesuai sangat la.pandai betol dorang adjust time.
memang nak suruh habiskan duit yang baru masuk.hahaha (alasan jer tue ;P)

for shopaholic like me, this is what i have been waiting for.
so we went to the stadium.
we are among the earliest people who arrived and can't wait to attack the stadium.hahaha
when we step in, there are not so many people yet,it makes us easier to walk around.
you know, warehouse sale, a lot of items (clothes for men, women and children, make-up, perfumes, bags, shoes, household items etc)
but for this warehouse sale, it is more on clothes for men.
i just walk through,dah tak excited sangat sal tak banyak baju2 for gals.
i only bought few t shirts and tops.
the rest of the shopping, i'll do it when i go to key ell tomorrow...

Monday, May 24, 2010


it happenned to me and my colleague after we had our lunch at one the mall here, CP.

after we finished eating at the food court, i had chicken noodle while my fren ate 'laksa',

we head out of the mall to go to the car where i park nearby the mall.
xde la jauh sgt nk jalan.

then masa kt ground floor, lalu laa kt kedai2 yg jual2 hp nie..
kiteorg jln beriringan sambil sembang2.

itu tak scary lg.


masa tgh berjalan-jln tue (kt area kaki lima shopping mall)

dah perasan dah ade sorg mamat nie,
cam x betol jer (dlm erti kata lain GILA laa,pakai kain pelikat jer)

busuk, kotor dan berbau..huh..

mula2 igt die x lalu kt kaki lima tmpt me n my frenz were walking


suddenly, tiba2 jer dia jln cpt2, naik tangga , jalan kat kaki lima

(dlm hati dah dup dap dup dap)

mana x cuak beb, org gila jln dgn laju kt kaki 5 tue heading towards us.

i noticed that makin lama, makin laju die jln, makin dekat dgn kiteprg..

i told my fren "awanis, dia dah dekat, takot nye"
and my fren was like "nk wat apa nie, takot wei...takot"

masa dia dah nk dkt sgt2, we juz stop at 1 of the kiosk pretending we want to buy drinks.
(without turning our face & body, stood like a statue, we keep quite..
with hope dat he will juz quickly passed by without doing anything)

we were wrong.
as he come close to my fren,


he PAT behind my fren's back..and then me..
we were like shock and screamed

mane x jerit, dah laa otak weng, pastu main tampar2 lak

igt main bola tampar ke ape

abis sape yg ade kat tepi tue suma kena

termasuk makcik yg tgh mkn, smpi tercengang n tergamam sbb terkejut n x sangka lgsg insiden camtu akan terjadi..

lepas tue, ape lg, cpt2 kami lari and masuk dlm keta,
lock the door and quickly drive away from that area...

it was totally a scary experienced for both of us
(selalunya org gila nie x kaco org lain..setakat jln sorg mulut terkumat kamit baca ape ntah)
perghh..mmg ngeri and x dpt dilupakan..


selesai juga akhirnya urusan marking kertas exam anak2,pemutihan markah
(i dunno why they called it with the term "pemutihan"),
selesai key in dalam system and everything.fuhhh.....
only left to update my file..can finish it in a day..heee~
luckily next semester tak yah dah marking paper kanak2 nie..nasib baik laa ckit..
kalo tak, migrain i..
luckily migrain ckit jer masa marking paper dorang.huhu
takde kanak2 yg fail thiis paper for this semester
alhamdullilah, syukur
percentage pon tak tercemar
suka..suka :D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

unforgettable triP!!!

well, after 2 days of my trip to Sabah, finally few minutes ago i have finished transferring all da pics from my digicam to my lappy..huhuhu.bukan pe, smlm x sempat upload sal x buka pon lappy.malas n ngantuk.pics2 yg diambil mmg sgt laa byk.mana tak nye, 1 ari nye pic kt sabah jer leh sampai abis bateri.hahaha.punya la bergambar are the brief details bout my trip:

# The trip took 4 days and 3 nights stay*we stay at Promenade Hotel & Apartments in the heart of the KK city*the room is more like a studio room where there are 2 queen size beds (coz there are 4 of us), a bathroom, TV, cupboard and all the basic things..u know, when u stay in a hotel*the flight from KL to KK took 2 hours and 30 minutes*ama woo*first time naik flight lama camtue*lenguh pinggang ang tulang bontot*1st time jugak for me to fly with air asia*seat nya mmg la sgt sempit*kepada org yg berkaki pjg, like me, u will suffer along the journey*huhuhu*my seat is next to the window coz i wanna see the spectacular scenery from above the sky*it was awesome*ok, cont..the places that we went are ;

-----> Flipino market (a lot of pearls sold there, kalo pandai tawar, leh dpt murah)
-----> jln2 sekitar bandar KK (coz our hotel is in the middle so we can juz walk money ma..hehehe),
------> Pulau Mamutik
and Pulau Manukan (where we do snorkeling, kulit pon agak gelap even tho i put on the sun block, nasib x burn teruk)
------>Kundasang and hot water spring (we went there by car given by my fren's uncle for us to go there, keta pinjam but no charge..minyak full lg.hehe)
------> dinner at Kampung Nelayan (ade cultural show, best sgt2..makanan die pon mmg tersgt laa sedap)
------> Gaya Street (mcm pasar pagi ade jual macam2 jenis brg..nanti bleh tgk pics2 yer)..ermm ape lg eh

ape kata u olz tgk jer laa pics yg diambil kt sana and read the captions below it ;)
sape2 yg x penah pegi lagi, u shud go...especially the islands...pulau2 kat semenajung pon x leh lawan..hehehe

here we are at the LCCT airport..sblm berlepas ke KK

b4 berlepas..

in the plane

the view from above the sky..fantastic is it..

half of the deym beauuutiful

after check in, terus g jln2..

at Filipino market...a lot of souvenirs such as pearls etc can be found

at Jesselton Point

sebelom naik bot nak ke pulau mamutik

at Mamutik Island...

teruja dengan kejernihan air laut & hidupan laut

berjaya membuat snorkeling...hell yeah... was my 1st time!!

arghh...tgn dah burn..pakai sunblock pon still burn...u can see from the pic..huhuhu

in da boat...muka, tgn sume dah burn..huhuhu

having dinner at Kampung Nelayan...there's also cultural show..only manage to snap few pics, coz after dat, my cam out of battery ;(

at was cold..grrr....

at the back is the mount kinabalu..

one of the resort at Kundasang..nice chalet, the price of the room is quite reasonable

pesta keamatan will be end of this month

hot water spring

at Kundasang War Memorial

a lot of brooch at Gaya Street....rambang mata nk pilih bg kat mama

byk gak beli belah kat cni...

Sabah produce their own tastes good actually, for coffee lover, u'll like it

on the last day before went back to key ell

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

fly off

tonite im gonna fly to kl...yippeeeeeee..
then the next day, which is thursday, my friends and i will fly to KK, Sabah.
i cant wait.
barang2 x pack lg.
nanti sure ade jer barang yg tertinggal (mintak2 laa xde, huhuhu)
ok yalls, will upload the pics later when i get back.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally :D

finally for wat?im sure u olz keep wondering wat it is all about...
well....come closer.., is about----------------->>>>>>>

my HoLiDaY TrIp to east coast of malaysia which is SABAH!!!!...

i am sooo deym excited about this trip.never been to sabah before.sian kan, org lain dah g byk kali. tp xpe,tetap nk ciwi gak.nak g Sabah..yea..yea. nak g sabah.ahahaha.well, the whole trip was planned by my ex-housemates.they did all the flight bookings, find interesting places for us to visit etc.thanx dian and fadz (accomodation bureau)ahaha.g sabah nie xde laa spent byk sgt duit,sbb nye..dah booking tiket flight dr Air Asia awal2 last year. masa tue tgh ada pada u olz yg plan nk g bercuti dgn mendapat tiket tambang murah, rajin2 laa buka website air asia tgk, kot2 ade promosi yg menarik yg korg bleh pegi dgn kawan2 or family korang.kalo dah leh dapat tiket flight murah, watpe nk bazir duit beli yg mahal kan?? lain laa kalo korang kaya, anytime nk pegi holiday, juz book on da spot saje, terus i x laa..sbb tue book dr last year...ahahha.untungnye g trip dgn kawan2 nie, sume benda diuruskan (err itu pon kalo kawan korg rajin laa..mcm i, ahakz) rajin dr segi ape?owh mcm2...rajin surf internet cr tmpt2 menarik, rajin check hotel mane korg nk stay, rajin tny org yg pnh g sana tentang ape yg menarik di situ,hurmm...pendek kata u olz juz pack beg, bw duit yg mencukupi and tunggu jer nak naik flight.hahaha..(dlm erti kata lain, pemalas laa)

list of things to travel:
1)beg galas belakang & beg yg bimbit tue..
( tak ingat laa pasal belom pack, dah pack sok, br tau)

the best part and makes me can't wait is to meet my BESH FRENZ 4EVA a.k.a classmates in unisel...oh gosh really miss them a lot..guys, wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more thing...y didn't i mention of his name...hurm...disebabkan terlalu excited sgt nk jmp kawan2, smpi die pon dah x igt..sbb dah imune agaknye...huhuhu...malas dah nk pikir sbnrnya..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

bertemu kembali

semalam, setelah sekian lama x jmp...akhirnya jmp jugak...jumpa sape?jumpa dgn my BFF from high school laa...actually x plan pon..yer laa..masing2 dah ade life sendiri especially when all of them already married...tinggal daku seorang single to mingle..ahaha...bile berjumpa dgn cik toni, cik elya & cik salwa nie,(actually puan sedap ckit kalo tukar cik kejap)...haaa, mcm2 laa citer yg kuar..meriah abis laa..mana tak nye, sume jenis gelak plak, gelak x hengat...kemain kuat lg..hahaha..i missed those days actually...last sekali reunion masa toni kawen, end of last yr..pas nie, ntah bile lak..sorg kt johor, 2 org kt kl, sorg kt seremban, sorg kt sp (sp xpe laa, x jauh sgt pon)...nasib xde yg terlepas ke sbh, swak...huhu...mmg sahabat sejati...dr sek smpi skg...and i hope our frenship nie akan last forever...xkan putus2...i felt so happy bile tgk kawan2 sume bahagia...moga kebahagiaan kalian akan berkekalan hingga ujung nyawa...insyallah..amin...

having chicken lasagna (arab style) delicious n yummy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shopping Spree!!!

i am sooo excited today...and yesterday...and...a few days ago also actually...y?nape leh jd excited and seronok sgt?~ngengenge~the title of this post can make u guess wat it is about... :D

well, this mth and end of last mth, i've done a loooooooooooooooooooootttttttt of shopping....bukan pegi ke mall yer..but thru ONLINE....the best partnye shopping online nie, klik sane, klik cni...browse shopping blogs, ade yg berkenan tag dulu then make the right choice and pay...yer online x same mcm kita g shopping mall, we can try out all the dresses, tops, pants etc...where as when you buy things online, x bleh try2, so u have to make sure dat the item dat u choose is the one that u want...actually, dah byk kali gak shopping is convenient, easy and fast...juz with 1 click...(hehehe cam promote lak).. 1 thing i never buy online is pants...yer laa..susah, mite b the measurement will not fit u even tho u think it will fit my advice, buy those fav jeans or pants at the stores...becoz once u purchase the item, u cannot refund and ask for an exchange..that is the rules and regulations of most shopping blogs...

-----> here are the things dat i bought online...dah mcm giler shopping lak...agak2 leh masuk kategori shopaholic tak?mane nye x giler shopping online, nk kuar g malls, hurmm...malls yg ade pon...u olz tahu2 jer laa...x menarik..kalo ade midvalley ker, One Utama ker or sunway pyramid ker..ok laa jugak..hihihi..soo kepada pemerintah di negeri " Rice Bowl of Malaysia", pls, i need more shopping malllllls..

here is the latest handbag dat i bought...lurve the design...from carlo rino...(except for this one, i bought it at the mall)

this my favorite clutch...(bought from miss selfridge)

this is MAC brush...bought it online...luv it...

some of the tops i purchase thru online shopping..