Tuesday, January 17, 2012

own Apartment...

after being thinking a lot

after i have discussed with my parents
i have decided that this year, 2012
whatever it takes, i am going to own a house
i prefer apartment actually
that has been in my mind for quite sometimes..
the place i look for property is mudah.my
memang mudah..hehe
what you need to do, just browse
select the one yang berkenan di hati
of coz have to consider the budget as well
kena la ikot kemampuan diri sendiri kan..
rite now, i'm planning to buy it for investment
coz i'm stuck..err.. i mean, i work in kedah..huhu
the area i'm looking is in KL and Selangor coz it's good for investment
and also have good means of transportation
not forgetting it must be FREEHOLD...
luckily i have few friends yang dalam bidang hartanah and also lawyer..
bukan ape, untuk memudahkan urusan

whateva it is, harap-harap tahun nie dapat laa merealisasikan impian
untuk memiliki rumah sendiri
semoga Tuhan mempermudahkan segalanya